Pan-Pro Pan-Pro is an extension to your team. Since our inception in 1998, we have focused and invested in R&D which has enabled us to provide innovative solutions that grow our partners' top line and reduce their bottom line. Our robust team is viewed as subject matter experts in manufacturing, distribution, supply chain management, transactional reduction & automation, IT, and much more.

Pan-Pro's solutions are about enabling partners to focus on growth in lieu of trivial tasks through automation. Are you ready to work with the vendor of choice?

Pan-Pro Company Milestones

  • 1995

    The co-founder of Pan-Pro donates the EDI Pro Standards

  • 1998

    Pan-Pro is formed

  • 2000

    Major Release 2.0

  • 2001

    Pan-Pro software is launched with clients

  • 2003

    Major Release 3.0

  • 2005

    Multiple clients go live with national chains

  • 2007

    Major Release 5.0
    200+ Locations go live in a single day

  • 2008

    Pan-Pro minimizes returns exposure in anticipation of an economic crisis. The results prove to be very successful!

  • 2012

    Pan-Pro becomes a global presence as international relationships are formed.

  • 2014

    Major Release 6.0
    PFO (Project Fulfillment Optimizer) introduced

  • 2015

    SAVVY & Streamline released

  • 2016

    Sales UP introduced

  • 2017

    Pan-Pro expands consulting services for partner transactional efficiencies.